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WELCOME Although the spirit of the real estate market has not changed; We have transformed the shape and methods a little bit, that is, take it on the field and we are sweating minds at the table, we have a hybrid structure that can produce fully equipped services and solutions to put your real estate up for sale." We ask you to read this page from top to bottom first To be sure, I want to clarify who we recommend our service to and to whom we do not. The information we are sharing with you here now actually addresses 3 different real estate owner profiles. 1-For real estate owners who have a habit of receiving real estate services from professionals, i.e. lawyers who protect our rights with legal knowledge, such as the doctor who protects your health with medical knowledge, and for those who want to cooperate with a real estate agent who will defend your interests in the sale of your property as a volunteer missionary 2- For real estate owners who are already working with our real estate consultant colleagues but who are not satisfied with the efficiency of our collaborative colleague and want to join forces and turn into a team game by including us in the sales process 3- Lawyer contractor project developer advertising agency is not directly on the sales side of real estate such as architectural investment fund but for real estate enterprises that need a partner who knows the dynamics of the real estate universe well for the sectors that produce services for this purpose.... If you're in these three groups, you're in the right place, you're in the right place, you're going to work with us, you're going to sell your property, you're going to get great information, and you're going to get a different perspective on the way to this. So who are our services for, if you have any idea that you can bring it if you have a client who does not work with the real estate agent despite the provisions of the real estate trade covering the buyer sellers and intermediaries of the real estate that came into force in 2018, you can get into our system at any time by pressing the x button in the upper right corner because we will not be able to go beyond speaking the same language. Unfortunately, we are not the right team to serve in ways that you believe are ideal for you. We can't say that everyone in the real estate profession has accumulated very good memories, but as with any profession, there will always be someone who will do the same job better, better quality, cheaper or different. Although our business may actually seem like a physical product sale, the essence of the business is not so much that our job is to turn hundreds of details into a single and powerful sales opportunity and to prepare the ideal environment for the parties to make the right decisions. So I'm talking about providing a perfectly designed customer experience that can only be provided by real estate agents who turn customer satisfaction into a reflex of dedication. That's where the distinction begins. When you want to sell real estate, you can say, "Let's cooperate with a well-equipped real estate agent who does this right, sometimes head-to-head, or I've improved a lot in technology, what do I need a real estate agent for? You could say I could do my own thing. Yes, we accept that's your natural right. Of course, it's a matter of choice. There are about 1 million listings in the, of which 800,000 amount to about 80% of real estate agents. So you're very likely to meet a real estate agent, so when you want to sell a real estate, you're very likely to meet a client who's getting services from a real estate agent, and you know what the biggest reason for that is that we're actually creating the ideal conditions for buyers to make a purchase decision and providing a properly designed customer experience. This is vitally important, so I'm going to elaborate a little bit more.
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